The Moon Hangover

Today (oh it’s on the tip of my tongue)
Today I heard the clicks and clacks that snapped back into place.
At the end of the day is anything different?
The tuning I feel is making the water in me bubble. (Picture straws in ice cold milk and four year olds.)
And maybe it’s just that I’m in the eye of the storm, but instant serenity follows right before the revelation.
This is the moment that I cherish.
This is the moment
I cherish
This moment
Cherish it.


The Saros Eclipse

I’m feeling the moon bath.
Are you feeling it too?
I’m feeling the moon bath.
Feelin’ it come through.

I’m feeling the moon bath,
So lithe, ah so loose.
Diminishing sun’s wrath
Makes it intrinsically hued.

Fill me the moon bath,
Coax me with woo.
Once tugged in half
And then split in two,

Feel me? The moon bath
Has given me to
The one with a moon lathe
Has made me feel true.


Random Beginnings with No Endings


Some kind of righteousness kinda brainwashing from a long forgotten memory places blocks in our path.

Words are not my weapon. They aren’t the tool.
I want to spread it in a wave of repair

I’m smiling right now because I know how much I will love looking at these years.
Send that energy out there so it can come back

Feel as the life surges through to the very essence

I paint the words
Lay them down.
Sometimes we have to redefine
The connotations.

The mothers heart encompasses the soul of the world.

Tower of Babel
Who taught us the illusion that unification,
To yoke
Is evil? What fear drove us apart?

Nothing I write is real but everything about it is true.

Our dreams are the breath…

Yes I can rhyme too,
See words together
And still be true,
Though I don’t.

We are bacteria in earths body,
Some of us here to corrupt and destroy trying to kill the host body,
Possibly unintentionally because its how some are programmed
And then others to clean up and make sure it stay healthy and strong
Bacteria have the capability to make the body stronger than its original state.

We do not walk in circles in order to forget, but in order to remember. With repetition, we can remember right into the now.

The world is good when you see how people smile when music seeps into the flesh.

Music is one of those spontaneous moments which can’t be studied and relived but stays in the treasure chest part of the brain held to one day open those moments that were the best and not worth missing a moment of recording it because nothing beats the love moment.

Art comes from a place you don’t even understand. I think out loud. It’s my art or craft.

2 curious cats in a curio catch

My gypsy feet.

The kind of moment that plays back forever. Memory of a flash of smiling teeth and a look.

I have a relationship with my thoughts.

I must find a way to fossilize my spoken steps towards immortalizingy essence

What more is the point other than coming upon this earth to leave with it a beautiful perfume of your existence.

Morsels of peace I hold in my pocket.
I spread my arms, spread my fingers, spreads self like wings to salud to the ocean breeze

Give gratitude each day that the breath of the mother kisses may face.

Into the corners of night.

The drive simply was not there for competition because of my limited attention span.

There are zombies. And there are thinkers. Doers. Creators.

I should have waited…

A prayer goes out to you,

Who’s down for free therapy. Grab a shovel. We’ll talk, maybe cry, most likely laugh and plant that energy into the dark rich soil that will being life to earth.

Catching dreams

When I was little I would get caught staring past the objects right in front of me
Because I was looking at the places inside of my head

Chasing the effervescent tail of some fantastic

Between my snapping fingers

All i had to do is uncurl my fingers
All I had to do is open my hand
All I had to do is look

When I was little I would get caught staring past the objects right in front of me
Because I was looking at the places inside of my head

My mama’d say, “Your eyes are open but why can’t you see”
I didn’t even hear her.

Papa told me, “if you wanna catch dreams, all you gotta do is hold out your hand”
And i stood there
my hands stretched out waiting to feel the smack of a dream to grasp,
I didn’t understand.

I’m a analog kind of gal
And he’s a digital kinda guy

The city smolders like the end of cigarette butts.

The fog made us dreamers
Like a sequence from an 80s movie
High hair cheesing.


Check messages


On a rare occasion when there is time,
I like to lay in bed all morning long
Listening to birds chirp.
Whatever the commotion, it sounds lovely and I’m glad to be a part of it
Even as a by-stander.


Ether Heart

I breathe in deep,
Suck it in ’til I feel my insides
Slow, steady, smooth,
Like the Breath of Earth,
Touching the core of my being,
And I breathe out with a soft swift whistle
As the vibrations subtly bring the lips to tremor.
The vapors spiral dizzy from crimson stained lips toward the pull at twilight.
Laughing legs gliding across the earth like hovering soles,
Listen to the swish against the evergreen blades through fields rippling like water.
Listen still closer to the heart breathe
The head turning upwards to the heavens.
My breath becoming lighter than the breeze,
Each exhale lifting the body.
Inhale, and my feet touching down continuously to a bounce
Until my gait turns to sweep.
My hearth thumps with bump
Like beats made for words.
The ethereal wrapping It’s arms around me tightly like hungry limbs
Until I release all of me and float like fireflys.

And some tried to fix me a few times,
But this ether heart keeps my beat
So I press my palms to heart,
Press it to keep me warm,
So I can feel the stir of twilight
Beckon me.


Musing Nude #7

After my first sound rest from days of the inability to sleep due to painting rather than insomnia, I feel like that minute after opening my eyes from Savasana and melting into the awareness of Bliss. It’s the first moment I’ve had in days that I could sit and soak it all in to the spine of my soul. Looking out into my garden, I realize why I am so fascinated with gardening. This feeling of keeping house and doing these “chores” are actually one of the beauties of life. I can make my house the way I’ve always envisioned living because it does not cost anything as long as I do it for myself. But even more importantly, to really enjoy the benefit of my works fruit is one of the blessings of living. I enjoy the simple tasks of watering the garden, clearing the grass and weeds around them, pruning and talking and singing and breathing to them.
At this moment, my son, in perfect timing, wakes up and I carry him to the bathroom and see us in the mirror. I, the mothering kind, carries my son because he loves to be held, but if you take a look at him you can already see this strong boy as a man because he already is. A thought that the only person to hold Goliath was his mother and this will be one of the fondest moments in my life warms me to my toes. A beautiful muse touched my head this morning and I am again humbled to be reminded that the prosperity of lying on a couch watching a movie with my son this morning is simply priceless.


Elevate to Love

I write about love most of the time
Coz it’s in my blood to be pulled towards sublime,
I heard it in my Mama’s voice,
Though she is shy
And hesitant with a prudish tie
To ancient honor and codes of her time,
Her eyes can’t lie for the longing that shines for the pining of lights burning bright,
Two entwined.
I feel it deeper than the core of my heart,
The line of my spine,
The root shaped veins from my feet
To the wild curly mane twisting up to the sky,
Which I also got from my Mama,
Though the words that I speak I stole from Appa
As well as the ease of passion to succumb.
The urge to elevate my mind
With the voices from my drum
And the tug of my flesh.
My immortality sought
Through the vibrations
Of love,
With love,
From love
Is to love
And be Love
Until my essence pulsates from the core of thine eye.