Hey Mama, I’m checking in.
I took a hiatus,
You know, needed to rest,
All of me,
My body, my thoughts, my breath and my pulse.
Hibernating for a couple weeks
Fatted me right up.
Things got to be so intense in the noggin,
The high ate us you know?
So much occurred though.
I learned to put the camera down
To see things un-faux.
I was staring at Lyrid’s showers,
Magnificent! Funny it’s the first time I’ve used the word honestly.
On top of the closest mountain I could get to,
I lay on my truck bed teaching little sunshine about staring into the sky to see the actual past shining down at us.
My son lay quiet and still for the first time with eyes open.
“Mama I learned something new. I mean in my mind.”
“What’s that?” I ask.
“When you stare at the stars long enough. It’s magical!”
And damn I’m so glad I had sense to turn off my phone and my camera because the brilliance that shot through the sky, trails of tails,
I guess you had to be there because of the momentous rarity of each second of each star falling, or passing is unique like all of life.
And do you know how small I felt?
The life, the planets, the galaxies, the universes, all so Great,
Crammed together into a tiny pinhole,
That is much much bigger than me,
No wonder we admire the light in the sky.
Even without thinking the words,
Breathlessly a sensation blessed of existence baffles me to stupor!
Happy birthday mama earth and earth mama, coincidentally similar.
Silence is golden!

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