Because It’s April, I will not just say it,

I must show it somehow the blunt honest musing which calls to me today.

And this is the theme, this is the poem,

Which is about honesty and love,

Because those two are the hardest pairing,

Though more powerful than any mantra, any herb, or any Subtle enhancer

I have yet to experience.

Picture riding through the streets of Little India

With a lover and two kindred youths,

Giggles and squeels from trailers and a magnificent beam of light

Making paths of Yellow glittering roads to guide us where we should be,

My little One running store to store pointing out all the Ganesha’s

And the other Sweet One shouting “How Beautiful” at the vintage silk.


But on arriving back to our quaint cottage,

I smile as I wipe down countertops that most people see as grime.

I get it, wash it away because it is sanitary,

But feel the warmth a moment of a house alive with spirit,

A spilled juice from playing frog,

Sweeping carrot peels from being rushed for more from two little rabbits,

The toys strewn because there is enough time to play with every single one sometimes,

And the aftermath when little knees are tucked into bellies and pouty lips mumbling dreams into twilight..

And Honesty sinking in as I sit outside and reflect the already forming nostalgia.

Tradition spills forth from my own pouty lips.

And I lump every adult man and woman in this category of forgetting tradition for convenience

Because we think we are in a new world,

But let’s not forget that in the past is greater wisdom than my 32 year old brain.

My 32 years of experience has me feeling cocky sometimes

Because I have only 32 years of knowledge.

Some sentient being must have whispered to me as a reminder that the wise always understood what is truth regardless of the manufacturers..

Life is always good as long as our perceptions stay pure,

As well as the things we put in our mind, our hearts, and our bellies.

The secret to a long and happy life remains the same as it did at Eden.

Our mother Earth has always supplied us with the nourishment in attaining





Yet we complicate it and try to figure out better ways and add man made such and suches because the Ego evolves into the super-sized upgrade,

Which is proving to be problematic in our times.

But it has always been good

And I am grateful to the future that reminds me of the past

That we still have what we had and now we must pass the tradition

Without the fear of offending

To protect what is good!

Namaste to the divine light in you from the divine light from me.


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