It is time to set down roots!
Transplant from the portable life
Deep into the rich ground where things grow big!
I mean huge, enormous, like the red wood tree.
Imagine those growing in black plastic pots or if you’re fancy, Terra Cotta.
No container could hold how big I want to grow.
Make roots in a place that can go deep, and though it feels like promises,
The nourishment will not overfill me, but rather expand me.
I want to stretch my arms and hands across the land see?
And not feel afraid to topple over like a man on top of me,
But I want to stand and feel the forever journey of straightening up because of my colossal stature of planting roots into the 75% spherical blue pot that contains every love, every heart, every soul, and every sorrow that can contain me.
I am setting roots,
And I will grow and let grow all those that are a part of me.



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