Because I only have 5 minutes to indulge before flying off to my last job today, I grin to think how many random thoughts fly in and out of my head. I’ve figured out, thanks to Mr Coehlo, that my dream job has and will always be to be a superhero.

So much activity happens inside the head and I realized, as I was washing last night’s dishes at 5:00 pm today because I like to spend time on those plates and cups. The feel of the water running hot and the swish as it hits any surface puts me in that meditation, I take lifetime steps back and recall memories, now in technicolor, of myself at four even, though I don’t see myself. It’s a through the eyes kind of picture, and 5 plates done, I see myself flying around in vibrant clothes like a superhero, because what human would not be fascinated with flying?

So I teach, but I must teach music since it’s a secret language. I must teach yoga, because I have an excuse to wear spandexesque fitting clothes all day long. I must teach poetry, the art of writing, and literature because if we can’t describe the fantastic images that only exist in our mind, then we would never have even invented the automobile, or further back still, a pencil. And now I must run off because….


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