While driving sometime ago, I had this urge to really dedicate a good portion of my waking time to study like college days outside of coffee houses and not cafe’s, smoking a pack of cigarettes and reading, outlining, discussing, and more discussing, then more discussing that tangent to any philosophy, though I claimed Existentialism. Study like sitting outside in what always seemed to be a California winter, drinking coffee and buzzing so high off of Caffine and debate, that dawn became what dusk meant for some.

and I reminisce,

Is there a way to adjectivate nostalgia?

Well so I picked up like 15 one dollar used books in the most marvelous used and new book store in downtown, If you’re in LA go to The Last Bookstore.and find the marvel that is stacked upon stacks within cracks, among some of the cracks, bless it be, because at least they know literature.

And just spent a 45 minute rampage looking for a working ball point pen, because you can’t beat the glide of the blood of the soul transferred on slates in sticky black, or royal blue stains priceless secrets to be made tangible.

My first class with myself is Science of Breath A Practical Guide By Swami Rama. Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., and Alan Hymes, M.D. The first chapter says, “Somewhere on the primordial earth, molecules randomly fell into place and life appeared.” and I think that my mental impotence has revived and the imagination is excited. I see the earth is the egg and some sort of sperm sprinkled upon us and the miracle of life manifests. YES! and an orgasm must have been involved and biology and big bang make so much sense.

$1.00 educations: Chance and reason and Dharma, and Existentialism
P.S. I didn’t find that pen, but the feel of graphite scratching the sheet has a different kind of satisfaction as well.


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