What more is the point other than coming upon this earth in order to leave with it your fragrant perfume that stirs nostalgia like the paste from elementary school classrooms. I started out today with this beautiful image in my mind of imprints of my footsteps being fossilized into words. The thread read, “Fossilization of spoken steps towards immortalizing essence.” Because the whole point for me has been to figure out immortality. Not in the physical sense, but more in the “I was here, I make my imprint, and remember me dear earth.” way.
Driving to my jobs along the coast, I pictured myself carrying morsels of peace in my pocket fumbling around the darkness as I tramped with bounce by chance that some of these pieces may fall and nestle warm into the sand and some unsuspecting stroller would trip over it laughing along the fall with the swish of the waves. And in the distance somewhere, I spread my arms, I spread my fingers, I spread myself like wings to the gentle, yet invigorating kisses that spray from mother’s kisses and her sweet scent sweeping over hungry senses.

And I begin the evening humbled and with an abundance of gratitude because I had the chance to hear Alan Watts tell me, I am only whole if I die and my existence in light and in darkness is the same. I accept my mortality and will still strive to live the same because nothing has changed except I know one absolute truth. What more is there to know, and what more can be beautiful but the whole experience.


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