We the Imaginators think up the fantastic and the scientists, they fall in love and bring form to the chimerical into beauteous light.
We the creators conjure the images of our mind, whilst the mad with their belief place in it the feelings from our heart.
We are not playing at anything divine.
We, the Imaginators, have a design.
We are inspiring life to dream beyond the day into that surreal place that exists in the nerve of our spine.
We put it down in words, in melodies, in pictures across the canvas for all to see.
Shout it out for all to hear, and if they don’t come?
Let us Whisper so they’ll stretch their necks and crowd in close because even if they don’t get it,
The appeal is enough to spark a curiosity and ignite in the future creators, the future magicians, the future Imaginators,
The passion to dare the impossible.
The spark will blaze in the crown of those who have the gun powder to make it go poof!
“Abracadabra!” And like that it is!
Bend the note in the 16th and then Replay it until it makes sense you’ll see.
Bend the note on the 16th and repeat it until it makes sense.
You’ll see the note bend on the 16th and repeat until it makes a new beat. You see they’ll all be singing it.
If it does not supply our bellies, let it feed our souls and sustain us with the endurance for us to fast and then create in that space where we can let go of the whining of the ego.
That place where magic comes when succumbing to the courage of our passions,
Stomping out the fears of our failures.
We the Imaginators, who flirt with the magicians, make change to the world.


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