After all we’ve come this far, picture the language of poetry evolving into colloquial speech.
When we love, we say,”I love you!”
(A phrase punched heavy with a spectrum of emotion)
But in poetica it can be expressed.
Tell em,
“Your touch quickens the steps of my beating heart”
Or “because I can lay by your side with no words or action, Need i say more?”
When colliding at a point for salutations rather than a “hello” express,
“I tread upon your memory of today in hopes that it is worth lingering into your memory of tomorrow.”
When hurt by someone express,
“and i felt like the baby tomato that was stepped on to make ketchup.”
Whilst Anger can be expressed,
“Let me stare at you silently, but my mind is screaming at you through my burning pupils”
And sometimes the most beautiful expression-
A smile as a poetic period.