The Beat of Meat

Some kind of harmony flows through the bustle of noise.
It starts with a sound, like ah
and follows a beat.
To chase then choke and try
to change for chance it catches
a rhythm where the
blood charges the hollow tubes
that move it’s way into the
thump thumping BEAT
that BrEAThes

New sounds created by dead tissue
brings to life the machines.
Androids fabricating pulsations more rhythmic
than my piece that drums off beat.

Wallowing in the hollow
howl of the electric vibrations of the synthesized heart
the valves womp,
do what
I want.

The ego questions
what can one want?

The wise reply
what to want
is not to want,
And the beat changes.

Nirvana, Samsara, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…

Yet Ego questions still.
Would I not be anything more than one with a synthesized heart beat
producing electronic pulses with each anthropomorphic breath
Without the want?
Does my soul tumble down through the hollow tubes
searching for a place to land and push through the life
that courses through the veins?

Let’s go to the place the other off beat meat go
to the place where I walk with my left
and left again to come again to the place where only those who left came.

And in this off beat way I find my place
by walking in circles.
And each time coming to a new place
Through perpetual change,
I never leave my circle
because there is no need.

Eventually my two left feet will catch up with the right beat
and I will be happy wanting the right to be right
because there is no right
or wrong
or want
and what is will be and will be what it is.
Letting go of any preconceived notions of what that want is,

Walk in circles without seizing
To step away or change direction.
Don’t walk unbent because
one will always chase the momentum
straight off the line
and the prey stays ahead.

While I praying to reach the chase,
Walk in circles and don’t ever stop
Because in that circular chase, the paths constantly change
and chances are that what the hunter chases
will eventually catch the prey
and the steps will come together and become one




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